What if my website breaks when updating?

If we can fix you site immediately, we will. We will then send a notification email to your account contact address, notifying you of the situation.
If the fix cannot be done immediately, we will roll the site back to the most recent backup (created before the update), or we will roll the offending plugin back a version.

We will spend up to one (1) hour fixing and troubleshooting the issue. If we cannot fix it within that timeframe, we will give you a cost estimate and notify you for approval to move forward.

In the case of plugins not being compatible of having a bug, we will notify you of the problem, roll the plugin back a level, and notify the plugin developer so that they can patch/fix the current release.

Am I tied into a contract?

You can relax, this is a rolling monthly service, you are not held into a termed contract. Some companies try to tie you into restrictive website maintenance contracts.

There are no contract tie-ins. You can stop the maintenance managed service whenever you like. We ask that you commit to a minimum of three months to see the benefits of our solid service – but you are free to leave anytime, we don’t think you will though.

How can I pay?

We accept payments via PayPal or Stripe. You do not need a PayPal account for this. You can pay with your credit card as normal. You will be charged monthly, on agreeing to the monthly subscription. You are free to cancel at any time. Note that all transactions are encrypted and we do not store your credit card information on our server.

Can I upgrade my package?

Absolutely. You can upgrade your chosen package any time you like e.g. if you are on a monthly tariff and decide to switch to annual payments, you will still qualify for the two months discount on annual billing. All of our packages can be upgraded hassle free..

Can you migrate my site for me?

Absolutely! Migration is something we do a lot. If you’re interested in site migration in addition to our other services, you can always contact us for more information on a one time charge for assistance.

Can I sign up if I don’t have a WordPress site?

At this time, we exclusively serve WordPress-based sites. If you’re not on WordPress yet, don’t worry, we can migrate you over, just contact us for this service, we offer big discounts for new clients.

Does it matter where my site is hosted?

We work with most hosting providers. If for some reason there is an issue, we’ll work directly with your host to ensure we can provide our service through them.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes you can of course. Depending on your current plan, we can upgrade you to our other plan that cover a lot more services and security.

What happens if I'm hacked?

Contact us as soon as possible! We can advise the best approach if you feel you have been hacked. This may involve recovering from one of our/your backups, depending on what’s happened.

We have two options here:
1 – Restore your backup, or 2 – Manual cleanup.

1 – Restore. The quickest and cleanest way of getting your site back to its good instance is to restore your backup. The tricky part of restoring a site is to know the safest rollback point. Once that’s complete your site will be back up and running. If you were on a managed service for a few months, we will have multiple data dumps, and database backups, so a clean version can be restored.

2 – Manual cleanup. In the unfortunate event that you do not have a backup of the site data or database, then we are only left with the option of performing a manual cleanup of the code and database. This is a long-winded and tedious task, and can take many hours. We can quote you for analysing and fixing this.

Are there discounts if I sign up multiple websites for your plans?

Yes indeed! The first plan is the full price of the selected plan, but additional plans can receive a discount. Contact us for more information and let us know how many sites you’d like to include.

Can I hire you to do development work on my site?

Absolutely. For projects like design and development, send us a note about what you need as we will quote on your project requirements.